Era-Cross is a fast-growing Group of Companies appeared in the early 21st century. Era-Cross takes on the complex tasks guided by expertise and efficiency.

We offer exclusive process solutions to the Clients to perform complex projects, construct facilities of the different kinds of industries.


    •    Petrochemical;
    •    Pulp and Paper;
    •    Ore-dressing;
    •    Metallurgic;
    •    Power;
    •    Civil construction.

Era-Cross has merged engineering and production companies with wide experience and long history: JSC SZMA Company, JSC Trust Sevzapmontazhavtomatika, JSC Leningrad Pilot Plant Sevzapmontazhavtomatika and other well-known at the market of construction services in the North-West region of Russia.

Nowadays Era-Cross tries to exercise leadership in the special construction services for different kinds of industries, to work by means of process equipment, to broaden market coverage. Era of expansion and pooling of interests dictates new terms.

Era-Cross has more than 1400 employees. It is a team of experts united by the general idea and aims and objectives. The employees of Era-Cross are a key component to achieve success.

Quality Management System accepted by Era-Cross Group of Companies complies with the International Standard ISO 9001:2008 certified by BVQI.

Era-Cross's commitment to sustainability includes a deep commitment to the health and safety of Era-Cross employees, to safeguarding the environment, and to compliance with the requirements of industrial safety. It is a growing tendency of the whole world.

In 2005 Era-Cross Management Company was founded. Its goals are to solve strategic questions, investment projects, to develop business, and also complex management of all multifaceted enterprises of Group of Companies.

The president of Era-Cross Group of Companies is Nikolay Kuznetsov, Honoured Constructor of Russia. He believes: "We have passed an examination of time and face the future. In market condition our enterprise proves to be reliable and efficient in cooperation with the Clients, business partners in Russia and abroad".

Wide network of our branches allows working with the Clients at once along Russia and CIS countries. Our branches are located in the following cities and towns: Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Belgorod, Monchegorsk, Murmansk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Perm, Petrozavodsk, Ryazan’, Saratov, Severodvinsk, Surgut, Tula, Cherepovets, Yaroslavl’, Gomel’, Mozyr’, Minsk.