Starting-up and adjustment works.

The EC specializes on performance of installation and commissioning works, in part:
  • electrical installations up to 35kv;
  • systems of automated PROCESS CONTROL system;
  • weak-current systems: communication, fire safety, video observation.

The data types of the Era-Cross, in the face of the pjsc "Trust SZMA", performs in different branches of industry, including at hazardous production facilities under the control of the bodies of Rostechnadzor of the RUSSIAN federation and Проматомнадзора:

  • explosive and fire hazardous objects;
  • hazardous objects;
  • metallurgical and coke-chemical industries;
  • chemically dangerous manufactures;
  • mining industries, including underground facilities;
  • the main gas pipelines and pipelines;
  • steam and hot-water boilers, pressure vessels, pipelines of steam and hot water;
  • storage facilities and transportation of liquid and solid radioactive waste.
  • object

Assembly and starting-up and adjustment works are traditional, well fulfilled for 59 years of professional specialization.

The quality of the work is ensured by:
  • highly qualified staff;
  • use of high-quality certified materials and equipment;
  • presence of a certified electrical laboratory;
  • the certified metrological laboratory;
  • use of high-quality instrument of domestic and foreign manufacture;
  • responsible and careful approach to the satisfaction of the needs of the Customer;
  • quality control of works at each stage of their realization.