Сервис промышленных предприятий

For a more complete satisfaction of our customers, The Companies of the Era-Cross openly direction -technical service of the industrial enterprises.
We believe that by using the services of technical service, our customers will get the full information about the state:

  • electro-technical equipment;
  • Instrumentation and automated control systems;
  • support of tracks;.
  • low-voltage systems connection, fire safety and others.

On the basis of the received information can be used to optimize the planning of the current and capital repairs, increase the interval to reduce the costs for the purchase of supplies. If necessary, specialists of the JOINT-stock company "Trust SZMA" can carry out installation of new or replacement of worn-out equipment listed above subjects.

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On all the issues of technical service of industrial enterprises You can contact the JOINT-stock company "Trust SZMA"